Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ashley Madison and the Accusatory Pebble

Ho there folks. I've been layin' low for awhile but I'm back in da saddle. Have you heard of this Ashley Madison sh**? No? It is a service that advertises secret relationships outside of the one you have supposedly committed to. I kid you not. They pepper the airwaves with sexy catch phrases like: are you looking for more in your relationship and not getting it? Do you want to stay in your marriage but want a little fun outside of it? Shame? ah...they have none. You don't hear comedians sending this stuff up. The useless local news, famous for relaying non-news hasn't touched Ashley Madison and the often too-late-to-the party sitcoms haven't over played the potential zingers.
Anyone remember the days of shame? The shame days had a good run I suppose but they've danced into back pages of history. It makes one wonder how gay people feel about all of this. The divorce rate is through the roof. And now we heteros that claim marriage is sacred and for us only (man and woman); are supporting a for cheaters. But hold on! Don't move. We can't possibly let the gays in on this sacred rite of ours, they're not worthy of marriage, they say.
Can't anyone see what's going on here? We are neck deep in a self indulgent entitlement society. 'I'm bored and I want to bang someone other than my spouse...and I deserve it'. Bullshit! Step up and honor your commitment, or present the idea of an open marriage or lastly, have the stones to walk away and be with that other somebody. You cheaters are pathetic beings without character. And all the while you'd play the sanctity card?
The sanctity of marriage card is played out people. And wrapping oneself in the pages of the bible ain't holding up either, because 99% of those who try and play the God card are sinning so heavy in other areas that they not only have no right to cast the first stone, they shouldn't even be allowed to pick up an accusatory pebble. Perhaps my fellow heteros don't want gays to marry because they'd kick our ass in the lesser divorce rate statistic as well as the decent conduct category. And FYI; any idiot who chooses to cheat through an agency is an idiot...or did I say that already.