Tuesday, June 24, 2008


OH boy it seems that there was a bit of a dust up in the high priced celebrity refuge of Malibu Beach Ca. The paparazzi moved into the area in the hopes of capturing a surfing Matt Maconaghey through the business end of their high end telephotos. All was going just fine for the photography roaches until...(cue scary music) a gang of over privileged white platinum spoon fed locals rained on the parade. Look out Bloods and Crips there is new gang in town..well not your town but a town not near you.
But first a little background on the white kids turf. Many celebs dig Malibu for it's beaches, fine homes and to a massive degree the community locks out the shutter bugs. 'We don't want em' here' is the paraphrased message broadcast by this city.

(Please note ,blacks, latinos, white trash or anybody else with an embarrassingly low income need not apply either but that's another blog for someone else.)

But take Pierce Brosnon he and his wife dig Malibu because it is not Rodeo Drive or the Ivy, but apparently he's being investigated for allegedly striking a paparazzo. Let me go out on a limb and say that in this case 'allegedly' means, he did it and good on ya Pierce. Locals say that Pierce is a cool guy until he gets pissed off and then the Irishman comes out. Obviously the camera vultures know this and provoke him for that million dollar shot.
Back to big Mac:
Maconaghey rents a home in Point Dume. He heads out on his surf board. The shutter bugs scramble over the rocks like an advanced case of genital crabs for the money shot. As their expensive gear clicks away a group of local surfers approach and encroach and tell the ZZi's to move it along. No doubt the Photogs invoked what most A-holes do between the borders of Canada and Mexico; "It's a free country." Little did they know that Malibu ain't free at all baby. A fracas breaks out, as it was written in the L.A. Times-nothing like a friggin' fracas I always say-punches and kicks were thrown, high price gear tumbled into the sea or was stolen, curse words; the whole gamut.
Now what is interesting is the next day the papazzoids came back for more and the local ruffians stood their ground once again. I mean hey, when you're a Jet you're a Jet all the way! Another scrap ensued and the usual lawsuits, threats, rights and freedoms speeches blah blah boo hoo.
I'm not sanctimonious Sam over here coming down on the Paparazzi it is just that if you don't understand the concept of occupational hazard then you truly are a prick. Sure you have rights, but if somebody gets pissed about the job you are doing we as a society may not enforce your right to annoy. Sorry bub. Sometimes the meter maid gets told to F-off, the dog catcher gets bitten, and the bathroom attendant gets ignored (its creepy after all.) Listen up Papara-dummies you've chosen this profession for the four figures it pays when you catch Paris Hilton crying on her way to jail. But occasionally you get a face slap and a Nikon tossed into the drink; deal with it or take a walk sunshine because me and Malibu's Caucasian connection ain't about to bust out crying!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Character Is The Only Thing!!!

This is a great day in history even for those of you who do not support Barack Obama. For those unimpressed or unmoved by what Obama's nomination means I urge you to look to the world. The general consensus from legitimate countries is a huge thumbs up. Do not kid yourselves America most of the world is older than this place and this world has a long memory. A country with a history of being built on the slave's back is a history that has not vanished from onlookers' minds. This is a positive achievement no matter where you come down on the issue of racism. The sad part of the argument I struggle to make is that many Americans don't know or care what the rest of the world thinks. When Bush attempted to circle the world's wagons he found many takers with the Afghanistan campaign but Iraq; not so much. The coalition of the willing was not all that thrilling. We are not popular is what I'm getting at. Some of you still don't care but I bet the hairs on the back of your neck have risen at least a tad in that the outside world scrambles no more for your once almighty dollar.
But let me meander back to Barack. The first thing he declared was that the entire democratic party put a kibosh on accepting funds from lobbyists or any and all political action committees-a policy he adhered to during his campaign. That is definitely a plus in the integrity column. Today he ventured to Diane Feinstein's home to sit down with her and Hillary. (A plus in the class column as HE made the overture to pow wow with her). She who would not concede when all the world was at her stage. She did a fine job of making her speech and the moment about her but left even some of her supporters, well shocked. Now the 64,000 dollar question. Does Obama take her for a running mate? This blogger says hell no and maybe not for the reasons you might think. I am a registered independent and always will be. I cast my vote on what I call the integrity ticket. Obama has shown massive integrity thus far. Hillary on the other hand has been an abomination. The manner in which she ran this campaign has been mean spirited and adolescent, infantile in fact. She lied, was petty, and was just down right low down. Examples? She lied about the Bosnian sniper fire she endured, she took her sweet time distancing herself from Geraldine Ferraro, all while having far less headlines than did Obama re: Rev Wright, She had a high up staff member leak a complete busllshit story to the Canadian PM re:Obama and Nafta, she put her name on the Michigan ticket when all participants agreed not to and so on. Feel free to add your own input in this cocktail of bad behaviors. And what does she do at the finish line? She decides not to acknowledge the other runner's victory even though he is over the friggin' finish line. Some say it was a ploy to use her supporters as leverage for VP. Probably so, but either way I'm the integrity dude and Hillary in the last few months has shown that she possesses no integrity.
If you're considering calling me a hater don't bother because when this contest began I was a Hillary SUPPORTER. She has shown her true colors. She has given us a glimpse of how she would have run this country. And just settle down all of you knee jerk hussies who continue to say how amazing she is and how she'd do great things for medicare. Analogy: If I punch you in the face today will you vote for me tomorrow just because in the past I was hip to medicare reform or can you not get past the fact I just punched you in the face? I'm afraid we're talking about a different Hillary people. This one suffers from delusions of gross entitlement mixed with actual elitism and is hitched to a shady former President who has completely come off the rails. But it was simple. Behave decently, stand by your words and show me your character for character is everything. Character is the only thing and that is why I back Barack! And if Barack becomes President and does a poor job and doesn't stand by his vision then I will be his harshest critic. That is the advantage of being an independent; I am beholden to none. And my vote is not for sale but you DO have to earn it! Be I blowhardy? Too damn bad. Who am I you ask? I'm the integrity dude. Believe it!