Friday, October 17, 2008

Reality Debate TV

Debates: Done! We did it folks, no matter what side you come down on we survived the debates. Many of you had complaints that the debates were boring; that nothing happened. I hate to say it but you are all by products of a reality t.v. based society. That, and a sport fan mob with a gladiator spectator's mentality that thirsts for blood. You all want a victim and a decisive winner. Perhaps the victor paraded away on supporters shoulders while the bloodied loser limps crestfallen from the stage. Wake up folks, that is what movies and television are for. Plenty was said and sometimes, it is what is not said that provides the gem of information. You need to read between the lines, read the body language. Listen to how and if the questions are answered. Let us revisit Sarah Palin. She only answered questions that she had prepared answers for. And there in lies your information about her. Oh yeah, and she winks at the camera so draw your own conclusion from that idiosyncrasy.
During the last debate when Barack took a zinger from McCain he at times would grin. Was it a grin of condescension? Who can say other than Barack? When a McCain attack was thwarted he'd grimace, a miniature amount of steam would exit his ears and then he'd forge on. This language speaks volumes brothers and sisters but you've got to pay attention.

I listened to the right wing pundits all day long leading up to the debate and every one of them to a man, woman and Limbaugh demanded that McCain bring up Acorn and Bill Ayers. They also demanded that he play offense; try and get Barack, the cool customer off of his game. And do you know what? John McCain did what his base wanted him to do. He gave it his level best. Incidentally, when I refer to his base I am not referring to the Kool Aid Kooks who've been attending Palin rallies.

The bottom line here is that you, the disappointed, need to take off your audience name tag and remember that you are citizens for shit sake. Stop being such sensationalist trollops and stop craving entertainment at every turn of the t.v. and tivo dial. (Geez, I guess its not really a dial anymore is it.) This is actual REALITY and it effects you, me, everybody. Now if you'd please excuse me I must urgently finish off my rum and coke before my white wine gets warm causing me to get so pissed off that I forget to put my beers in the fridge...and miss The Real Housewives of Orange County

Monday, October 13, 2008

How It All Went Down


'What Happened' is the title of Scott McClellan's tell all book about his time spent at the Bush white house. Scott goes back with Bush to the days he ran for governor of Texas. As a campaign strategist in the early years McClellan saw Bush as a decent man who kept his campaign promise of reaching across the aisle and working with democrats. Scott was not as enthusiastic as his boss on the subject of capital punishment but, he claims he understood Bush's hard line re: killers on death row.

McClellan stayed on with Bush when he walked into the white house in 2000 and eventually became press secretary, a position he held for two years. Naturally, holding such a position McClellan saw it all, or at least enough to eventually break the bond he had with Bush and later write about his experience. When word came down that Scott was about to let the world see behind the curtain Bush issued only one statement. And that was that he didn't have the time to concern himself with former disgruntled employees. He's a cowboy until the end isn't he folks? Funnily enough, there is a quote in the book from Bush's mother that every Halloween and several other occasions the little decider would dress up in cowboy clothes. (Now you tell us).
The 323 pager is loaded with all kinds of chilling facts but I'm just going to focus on one frightening theme. The run up to the Iraq war. We all remember the run up, the talking points, the unimpressive sale thereof. When it was apparent that WMD was unlikely to be found Bush ramped up the freedom rhetoric. McClellan claims that behind closed doors, around corridors, outside various offices Bush could constantly be heard telling anyone who would listen that Iraquis wanted freedom and that he was the man to give it to them. He believed it. He convinced himself of it. He became obsessed with being the one and only president to bring peace to the Middle East. He would show his father that he could do it. He would go down in history as not only being a better commander in chief than his father but maybe even one of the best American presidents in history. This was his dream. We all heard the dialogue that supports this, and Scott McClellan was the fly on the wall. Remember, McClellan started out as big time Bush supporter.


Valerie Plame Wilson worked for many years at the CIA. During the run up to the war as inspectors were having grave difficulty finding WMD vice president Dick Cheney paid a visit to the person. The dot,dot,dot is because apparently a vice president making a trip or trips to CIA headquarters is practically unprecedented. He had one thing on his mind and that was to have the agency find evidence that Saddam was buying naughty weapons. The agency scoured every inch of intel they had and found nothing. As time moved on Cheney began literally feeding them top secret info from sources the CIA had not even heard of. Finally, they (and the they is purposely vague) needed someone to travel to Africa to check out a lead that Saddam was buying weapons grade uranium from the North Africans. Valerie made the mistake of mentioning that her husband, Joe Wilson previously worked in that area and that he had contacts there. They sent Joe who found nothing. Bush still made mention of the yellow cake uranium and Saddam's attempt to purchase it, during his state of the union address. Joe Wilson fired at the administration for lying. The administration, specifically, Carl Rove and Scooter Libby leaked that Valerie Plame Wilson was a CIA operative. This move was illegal and treasonous. It also put her life in danger. After this, the administration began a smear campaign of Joe Wilson.


This all comes down to power. Power is dangerous especially when placed in the wrong hands. Bush is a recovering alcoholic and a somewhat born again christian. He substituted booze with religion all while never resolving his daddy issues. He worships his father while at the same time is highly competitive with him. If religion didn't make him see the 'light' as to his shortcomings perhaps therapy would have. For, because of this need to be better than daddy and perhaps gain a hug we were forced to pay the price for his fanaticism over the Middle East. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush Sr. and the other oil heads literally drooled over Iraq's oil, and the possibility of gaining a sweet footing in the Middle East. They wanted it so badly they manufactured evidence, fed it to Bush's telepromter and actually tried to pin it on the CIA. I'm not crying over Saddam being set up, or the CIA left holding the bag, but I do feel bad for the Wilsons. The U.S. government system needs more over site and over site to see that over site and then watchdogs and watchdogs watching them. Wait, that'll never work. All we really need is decency. Is there any left in the political arena?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Biden v Palin (also)

Sarah Palin did better than everyone expected in the vp debate. The smart advisers in her camp being unhappy with her string of t.v. interviews threw her into a heavyweight debate camp. The idea was to get her ready for Joe Biden and fast. Have you ever crammed for a test? Yeah it sucks; piling in far too much information in a short period of time. But with us we either past or failed the test and then moved on. But this woman is studying for an incredibly serious posting. She's running for vice presidency of the United States. This should not be regarded like some junior high algebra test. The camp did pay off as far as Palin performed much better than her t.v. appearances. However, she was still quite unimpressive. She is beyond her scope, plain and simple. And the simple fact is that the mass majority of this country knows it.
Palin had her notes with answers prepared. A recurring theme with her was when thrown a question that she did not like she meandered around until she answered the question that she had prepared. The other guy, Biden did not do this. He answered questions, he did not condescend, as many expected, and he never rose to her provocations. The result: Biden won the debate. If I was in Palin's camp I'd advise that if she wants to toss out 'dog gonnits' and 'you betcha's' than knock yourself out, its the way she is. However, I would put the kibosh on her affection for the word; also. She used the word more often than she inhaled and exhaled. Dog gonnit it was so annoying and (also) it was so repetitive and (also) superfluous...also! Oh, and you betcha...also.

Wink wink

And now to the winking. I've been rolling around this planet for as long as I can remember. The one thing I know about, especially when glancing back at my single days is; the wink. Men and women wink for three reasons. Number 1. An individual will wink when they want the attention of another individual. In other words, when they are flirting. Number 2. A person winks when they wish to notify the other party (not political) that they are to be let in on the inside joke. Number 3. An individual will (also) wink when they possess a medical problem with the eye in question. Often referred to as a twitch. So what was the sassy governor up to? One, two or three. Let us rule out number three because there was too much playfulness to the eye. Number 2, the inside joke. But with who, all of her supporters? Hmmm maybe. But if so, is the debate the right forum to do this? And what about number one; the flirt. I say you betcha, to borrow a phrase. The media and members on the right have often referred to Palin as, hot. And although I don't comprehend the label, I believe Palin embracese it and tries to use those wares. So let's agree that she was combining the playful, coy flirtatious with the inside party "do you get it?" or "gotcha" joke.

The Bottom Line

Palin is not ready for the job she is applying for. Her handlers who forced her into debate camp know it; the media who regard and interview her know it; Tina Fey and the cast of Saturday night Live know it. We know it, and I promise you that Sarah Palin knows it! She behaves as if this is an MTV reality show that she is starring in. This is reality but it is not a show. And if she is a true American who legitimately loves her country she will step aside. But, up until now she has not because her massive ego and lust for ultimate power prevent her from doing the right thing. It's never to late to do the right thing governor. Dog gonnit why not do us a favor and give it a rest...also

Monday, October 6, 2008

Lucky 13

I had very little desire to give O.J. Simpson this much blog space. But thirteen years ago to the day, after O.J.'s acquittal in the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, jurors deliberated for thirteen hours and came back with a guilty verdict. Lucky 13.
I need to issue a correction on my previous blog about O.J. I said that if found guilty he could do five years. Actually, the judge could give him five years to life. The defense attorneys in this case believe the jurors are punishing O.J. for getting away with murder. If you believe that O.J. did murder those two people then you might feel like this is justice.
Upon hearing the verdict O.J.'s sister sobbed and finally collapsed. Paramedics were called in to look after her. Such a reaction can only mean that she truly believes that her brother is innocent, and probably of all crimes. For, if she knew her brother to be a bad seed she'd probably have folded her arms, shook her head and whispered, 'Ummmhmm, that's my brother.'
I've often been asked why I dislike O.J. so much. One big reason is that when he was going through the big trial thirteen years ago the black community rallied around him. They supported him as if he were family. Doing so solely because of race was totally disagreeable to me. Literally the day after he was acquitted he was asked by a reporter,"..say O.J. now that you're free are you going to give something back to the community that supported you?" And without batting an eye he claimed that O.J. Simpson (yes he went 3rd person) owes nobody and isn't doing anything for any community because o.J. only looks after O.J. I'm not claiming that the man owed anybody, but a thank you at the very least was in order. And you know what it serves the black community right for standing behind such a self centered, ego maniacal, son of a bitch. Oh yeah, another reason I can't stand him is because he killed those two people, or at least had it done. And if he had it done I guarantee he watched. It's sort of like trying to retrieve memorabilia and instead of hiring it done you go yourself with a gang of losers and have one of them wave a gun around. And just to seal your fate with this genius plan you shout that nobody is leaving this room. Smooth move Simpson, you've just added a kidnapping beef to your charge.
I can't imagine the judge will give him life but even if he gives him the minimum, how well do you think a former football star at 61 years of age with a constant attitude of entitlement will hold up? Enjoy your stay Mr. Juice.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Celebrity Snewz

The Basic In-stink Broad

Are you sitting down? Good, because today's first Celebri-dummy is the always loopy Sharon Stone. Stone, now 50 is still an overrated actress and still quite nuts. She's been trying to gain full custody of her 8 year old son Roan. The judge told her, Wednesday, uh-uh baby, no can do. One of the reasons is that she often overreacts from a medical standpoint re: Roan. Stone, overly concerned with her sons stinky feet wanted to inject the lads feet with botox. For those concerned beyond the obvious, many leading ladies will shoot botox into their armpits prior to award shows so as not to sweat and ruin the borrowed gown. So, in fairness one can see where Stone was going with the botox idea. No? Another time Roan had some ailment and she wanted him to have a spinal tap. Yo, Sharon baby, next time you have that urge, how about you just listen to the band, Spinal Tap.

Keep it Clean

Let's all say goodbye to Mr.Clean. Remember the guy on the cleaning product from back in the day? Well maybe you're not old enough. I remember being a kick ass shit kicker in the early 70's and watching the Mr.Clean ad on the tube. It had a catchy yet obnoxious tune. The man himself was based on actor House Peters jr. He died today at 92. Other than being the buff dude-a la Charles Atlas-ish, cat in the tight white T, sporting one earring in the left ear he was a working actor. He rarely, if ever, was a leading man but he appeared in movies like Lassie, Flash Gordon and a handful of westerns. Although I'm more of a Pinesol kind of cat, Mr.Clean affords a hip trip down memory lane. So long pal.

Doh! J Simpson

O.J., O.J., O.J. Man I can't stand that dude! Anyway, he's back in the news again as the defense and the prosecution have both rested in his current trial. Have you heard this one? Last year O.J. and a couple of pathetic thieves stormed a Vegas Hotel room in the hopes of jacking some memorabilia clowns. Apparently these cats had a bunch of O.J.'s goods and he wanted them back. The guy needs money after all. The caper vaults into the genius category because one of Simpson's posse members was packing heat. That bumps it up armed robbery. They held these dudes awhile during negotiations, and that throws in a kidnapping beef. If found guilty he could get 5 years. I doubt the charges will stick. Why? Because the witnesses are not that credible. (I know shocking in a numbskull caper). One witness, whose name escapes me, has been caught on audio tape calling the prosecutor and offering to alter his testimony for the right price. This tape was played for the jury. In the words of Homer Simpson (no relation) "DOH!"

Take The Win!

Tonight Joe Biden and Sarah Palin square off in their one and only debate and I'll blogging about that after the action goes down. But, for now, let's look at the first debate between Obama and McCain. Naturally, I watched the debate as the combatants went round after round. What I saw was a clear win for Barack Obama. What disturbed me however, after the debate was not only the analysts calling it a draw or close, but callers into left wing radio shows, and lefties I know claiming, "I just wish Barack did more..." "I wish he had defended this or that..." Listen folks y'all need to calm down. Barack won that debate and here's why. When McCain was frustrated he would fall back to his condescending line,"I hate to say it but Barack simply doesn't understand, or have the experience..." Now if McCain was to win on these points he would have had to say something like this,"Barack doesn't get, in actuality it is this way..." McCain did not do this. He merely gave partial resume points and talked about his many years in the game. This does not point out where Senator Obama got said point wrong. Furthermore, it is what one does with his experience that counts. You don't get the big brownie points for existing.
As far as the complainers' point about Barack not defending himself: Not so. Barack corrected McCain many times on the issues he felt needed clarity. If Barack defended every single wrong point or lie of McCain's he would have been playing defense all night. And even if Barack were to be correct on these points, America would see him as defensive. This would also shorten the length of time that Barack would get to play offense. To put a further point on it, take a boxing match. Sometimes a boxer will take a shot to the body when he knows that his next shot is going to come over the top and catch the opponent on the button (chin).
People in general like to win no question. I'd argue that Americans like a decisive win...a stomping or a trouncing, if you will, and that is part of the problem. We want our football team to win by 4 touchdowns, we want all our Olympic athletes to win as many golds as Micheal Phelps. We want our basketball teams to win by 40 points and our fave boxer to knock the other guy out, not win by split decision.
Barack had a serious battle with Hillary Clinton. He defended himself when he felt necessary and he ducked/ignored mud slinging at other times. He stuck to his guns and won out in the end. Maybe he's doing the same thing with McCain. He's now in a bigger fight and again it appears that he is sticking to a tested strategy. I should point out that Barack is known to be weaker on the debate floor than he is at the podium delivering a speech. You whiners wanted him to go for the jugular from start to finish and that is not Barack Obama. Stop asking him to be what he is not. I repeat; Obama won round one of the debates and you nay-saying 'supporters' need to stop whining and move on. In other words; take the win people, take the win!