Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bipartisan is a four syllable word!

Can you believe it? Well I sure can. The early rumor news is that congress and the administration are close to a bailout deal. It seems some changes are coming to Paulson's original bill. For example, there will be oversight as to how he spends the check and any decision he makes can be challenged in a court of law. Does this mean we should scream hip hip hooray for the almighty Dems? No! Of course this was never going to stand and the Repubs knew it. The Dems throw it out and they look good to their constituents. And the Repubs still get their bailout bill to pass. Its crap! We are supposed to be excited that this bill is going to be a bipartisan issue? The taxpayer is getting screwed; bipartisanly!Are we to be proud of our elected officials because they sat down together this close to a...dare I say it: weekend!
This crisis was arguably 8,10,12 years in the making. Yet you political/financial geniuses sit down and are able to figure it all out in three days and we're supposed to breathe a sigh of relief? And the best you agree on is that we, the little guy who suffers this bad economy the most, pay up? And let's not forget that two of you smart guys in the room (Bush and McCain) told us as recently as a week ago that the 'fundamentals of the economy are sound'. Sounds to me that you guys are fundamentally detached. What about cutting into some of that CEO bonus money out there? They have multi-millions and we do not. Bipartisan, is fast becoming a word like, malignant or festering or incestuous. Maybe it's time for a third party after all.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taxpayers! Lock and Load!

Yesterday I was going to blog about Nancy Pelosi. I was going to beg and plead with her to withold cutting a check to Henry Paulson for the big Wallstreet bailout. I sat here and witnessed her Democratic congress cut check after check to Bush for his wars. Let us remember that we were told by Bush that the Iraq war would be done in under a year. This money was coming from China. We burrowed it. Cash, for treasury bonds. Sometime after Bush is gone we're going to have to pay it back. The Wallstreet fatcats gambled with their funds by taking on bad loans. Small time lenders (one on every corner) marched out as a predatory army and signed up every Tom, Dick and Harriet to home loans. The lenders then went to the big banks and sold the loans to them. (Keep in mind this also occured with car loans). Many people were approved who had no business being approved. If the mass citizenry is ripped off, then society will crumble. It is why there are laws against what is known as; fraud. The investment bankers are now in trouble and they want to be bailed out as soon as possible so they can get back to business as usual. Henry Paulson wants to make this happen, and he's pushing hard. Don't ask him how he arrived at 700 billion and don't question how he spends the check.
Thankfully, the FBI has decided to investigate some AIG cats and other players in this fraudulent play. Paulson probably said, 'doh' like Homer Simpson when he heard the news. John McCain is now attempting to call off the debate with Barack because 'Washington needs him'. This was the guy who used to proudly proclaim that he knew nothing of economics. This move makes McCain appear maverick like. It gets him headlines and it makes him appear as if he is the one who really cares about the crisis and appreciates the gravity of the situation. In other words, he is campaigning. But wait, there is no way that Bush is going to let McCain get all of the spotlight. It is still his oval office dammit! So, tonight The Decider addressed the nation and explained what happened, and urged that we go forward with Paulson's plan...along with a few ammendments seeing as even some conservatives are not digging the bill. Naturally, W. ran it down in such a way that if congress doesn't go along with a comprehensive bill then they will be responsible for tanking the country. Believe me folks this is the exact same speech he gave every time he needed cash from congress: Bin Laden will get away; the Iraqi's need us now more than ever; our men and women in uniform need this money or else. And so on. The way this guy spends money has nothing to do with the concept of conservatism.
As a sidenote, we Americans should know that much of the money that we funneled into the war to 'support our troops' or be labeled unpatriotic, actually went to contractors like Blackwater. A contractor's salary is at least five times that of a woman or man in uniform and they are not beholden by Geneva. (End of sidenote).
Bush then called for a meeting with McCain, Barack, congressional who-ha's and some other guys who no doubt feel that they are the smartest guys in the room, to go over this Paulson bill.
Greed and arrogance put this economy where it is today. Your government wants 700 billion bucks. More greed. And your government wants you to pay for it. This is more arrogance. What are you going to do America?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Georgia On My Mind

I've been thinking about the Georgia/Russia conflict since it occurred that August day. The moment the media brought us the news of the conflict and let me know that as an American I was a long lost friend to the Georgians I was skeptical. My initial skepticism came as a result of, well, look at the messenger: the media. Second, my government was telling me that Georgia was like a close play-cousin who I hadn't heard from in awhile. So, I did some digging.
The conflict between South Ossetia and Georgia goes back before 1988. In 1993 South Ossetia drafted it's very own constitution and in 1996 elected their first president. More events occurred but let's jump ahead to June 2007. South Ossetia separatists claim Georgia attacked Tshivali with mortar fire and sniper fire. Tbilisi denies this. This lead to talks which broke down in October of that same year. Later, South Ossetia, seeing that the West supports Kosovo's secession from Serbia asks the world to recognize it's independence from Georgia. This is now March 2008, and Georgia begins its push to join NATO. Confused yet? Me too.
April 2008 South Ossetia rejects Georgia's offer of a power sharing type of deal and insists on full independence. In August 2008 as we all know guns start blazin', but hold the phone the soup gets thicker.
Georgia and the U.S. have been serious bedfellows. Georgia has been a proud member of the coalition of the willing. Remember them? This was Bush's team of guys who wanted to share in the spoils of the IRAQ occupation, oops, er, invasion, er, freedom liberation movement...thingy. By definition, this means the U.S. has been training and arming the Georgians so that they could fight shoulder to shoulder against 'evil doers' (N.B. an evil doer is one that does evil).


Presidential hopeful John McCain has put it on the public record that he has been friendly with and working with the Georgians since 1993. He even hired a lobbyist firm to aid him in his negotiations with the Georgians. Why he needed lobbyists and what they were cooking up is not yet known to this blogger. Now here is where it gets sexy. McCain's last visit prior to the conflict was April 2008. After Georgia attacked South Ossetia, Russia responded with a hell of a lot of force. S.Ossetia has many Russian passport carrying citizens. Russia used excessive force as a warning to Georgia as well as a statement of things to come should Georgia act up again. Bush immediately fired back at the Russians stating that they behaved as bullies. Russia obviously has more firepower and they used it. Did the Coalition of the Willing invade IRAQ with slingshots and pitchforks? Or did the U.S. use the resources they possessed? The Bush administration also said that the Russians used far too much force. Bush leveled the city of Fallujah-leveled it!


Let's look at the time line. McCain goes to Georgia around the time that talks break down between Georgia and South Ossetia. In august Georgia attacks South Ossetia, now that they have weapons and training. But, they know that if Russia retaliates, which any fool would know they would, Georgia would suffer many casualties. However, Georgia has an ally: the U.S. The day after the Russian response Bush blasts Russia. The next day Dick Cheney goes to Georgia and hands them a check for 1 billion dollars. A few days later John McCain roars pure solidarity with the Georgians at the Republican national convention.
McCain is largely running on the national security ticket. What better way to promise a nation safety than to have one war (well two) going and another one brewing in Russia. Be I a conspiracy theorist? At times certainly. But this is easy math and I never found math easy. The writing is on the wall and I've just scratched the surface of the wall writing. Bush, Cheney and McCain are the players. They told Georgia to pick this fight. Paid them in fact, there, I said it. We need to keep our eyes open on the Georgia/Russia/South Ossetia business. We need to watch Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to listen to what we are told about Iran. And then, I beg you, find news sources OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES. Find those sources and drink in the information as if it were water after a lengthy desert walk. THEN, read between the lines of these outside sources! Question everything for our lives depend on it!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Governor Wallflower

I never intended to give Sarah Palin any blog space, as I believe that she is quite nothing, that far too much ado, is being made of. However, why should everybody else have all of the fun. What about this wolf business? Alaska has a predator control program dating back to the 1940's, believe it or not. It comes with living up in the high country in the wild. Or, comes with the territory if you will. Frank Murkowski,the governor previous to Palin put his sites on wolves. The thinking was that the wolf was knocking off too many moose and caribou. Murkowski enacted legislation allowing wildlife officials to mount up (in a plane) and shoot the beasts from the air. Palin first took the governor down via election and then amped things up against the wolf. She kept Murkowski's deal in place...and then some. She wrote legislation that would allow pretty much anybody with a license and a gun, trapper's snare or slingshot to head out and start killing. Proof of kill was to be the left front paw of the animal. For this, the newly deputized lad or lass would be paid $150. I wonder how many hunters would bring in the right paw as well and try the old two paw monty in an attempt at getting $300 for one wolf. I sure hope they have a strong Department of Left Front Wolf Paw Authentication up there!
Defender's of Wildlife, a branch of the Sierra Club squawked to a state judge about the inhumanity of it all and the judge bought it. He claimed that Palin did not have the authority to cut bounty checks to trigger happy yahoos like Yosemite Sam. But, Palin would not go quietly! She moved the goalposts. She ruled that the predator control program would no longer be overseen by the Department of Fish and Game, but rather Alaska's Board of Game...whose members are appointed by Sarah Palin. O.K. maybe she more than moved the posts. In this, she actually bought the referee and slept with the opposing team's coach.
The state officials along with Palin believe that the wolf is responsible for killing over 80% of the moose and caribou population while hunters take less than 10%. 172 scientists petitioned for Palin to stop this madness. They know the wolf to be a scavenger by nature and that 60-70 percent of his meals are scavenged. But as we all know, Lady Creationism don't need no stinking scientists.
The reason Palin augmented former governor Murkowski's plan was that she felt that not enough wolves were being killed, and not fast enough. The predator control guys claimed that they were having trouble finding wolves. Yo, governor Wallflower, I have a question for you: Could the killing slow down be a result of the killing that the predator control (more like out of control) guys have already done?