Friday, January 18, 2008

Election Buzz

Okay so I'm listening to a talk radio show and they play a clip from Tyra Banks interview of Hilary Clinton. Tyra reads a question from an emailer I think, "How did you manage the Monica Lewinsky ordeal?" And Hilary's answer was, "You just have to be true to yourself." That's it Hilly baby? That's the best you can do? We all know that your response is a non-answer but baby, you want to run this country! Shouldn't you be a little more say, savvy? "...true to yourself" is high school teen movie talk. And don't act like you were ambushed because we all know that you and every other celebridiots forward suitable questions to these shows prior.
And what is it with this trend of politicians going on these empty talk shows? What happened to cats like Ed Murrough and Cronkite? We find ourselves in a time where the hardest hitting, sleeves rolled up interviewer is Larry "past it' King. I'm sure the networks get ratings and the politicians get exposure but come on man. When I run for President of this country you won't find me on Leno and Letterman and silly little Tyra no way!...Well not until I'm past my first 90 days as the new president...I mean 'New Decider' at which time I will be totally true to myself

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