Tuesday, January 29, 2008

United We Stand...in Patheticism

Once again I couldn't make it all of the way through the President's State of the Union address. As with other addresses he was talking loud and sayin' nothin' all to far too much applause. This is a practice that has got to stop regardless of who is running the show. The pep rally dog and pony show atmosphere is beyond nauseating.
When I heard the Commander in disbelief...I mean Chief talk of his $150 billion dollar economic stimulus package I gently turned off the radio with a mild expletive. Don't get me wrong I'm not laying all of this on the pseudo Texan's shoulders I'm pointing my guns at congress and most of my fellow and feline Americans as well. Does anyone care where this money is coming from? I have a few guesses. How about China, hell we're already into them for 1.4 trillion so what's a few more billion? Or maybe the big Kahuna is just going to print more dough and have the fed play with the rate again, that will make the dollar stronger for sure...NOT! One thing for sure is that this money will go to the deficit, which is to say the minus side, which is to say we have to pay it back. So when we get these rebates to beef up spending we'll have to pay it back but not the way you might think; they will just be forced to cut some kind of service here or there to pay it down... but we can be sure that 'you know who' won't be taxed right. I say I don't blame the President entirely because many Democrats are keeping quiet-hell some are even applauding this move. My short memory takes me to the sub-prime fiasco where lenders loaned to those that should not have borrowed. The quiet dems are gambling that if the stimulus works then they won't be on the record as trying to put the kibosh on the deal. Boy this reminds me of all of those democrats that agreed to go to war in Iraq for fear of going against popular opinion. (You see they chose going against logic, humanity and human decency for the possible promise of tomorrow's votes.) In a word;pathetic.
And wait, wait,wait I am not through with you dems of congress; you that vowed to do good have; okay'd, green lighted and rubber stamped every penny that Bush came to you for to fund his illegal war. Did you honestly not know what the fiscal cost would be or the cost of human lives.(Last I heard 4000 Americans, around 85 thousand Iraqis). Were your hands really tied? I think not. Were you laying in wait until you might win the next election and clean house then? Well if so it's a gutless nonproductive strategy that displays a major lack of bollix, stones, cajones, juevos...balls!
But is there any surprise that Bush has blown as much money as he has and tanked this economy? We all know how he failed at business venture after business venture during the days when his daddy was sat in the oval office. Now how hard would that be? Your pop is the President; he has major friends and connections in the highest of places and you've got unlimited amounts of start up cash. Yet, Arbusto et al went the way of the do do bird because the little decider (small 'd' in those days) made countless bone head business decisions.
And so here we are today; almost a trillion and a half bucks into China who is possibly looking to dump the treasury bonds in Euro's; social security cash-gone; U.S. dollar-malnourished and so much more. The war machine; Halliburton, Lockheed Martin are making record profits in rebuilding etc contracts. Bectel as well because the beauty of bombing the sh** out of a country and their communication system is you get big bucks (okay'd by congress) to rebuild it for them. Rumsfeld and Cheney are making a killing financially. (Rumsfeld refused to give up major amounts of stocks while he held his government position. More than likely illegal but did any democrat seriously go after him? Ah well, no) And the oil companies are showing record profits...as if you didn't already know. So ask yourselves this; do you think this administration, especially while being on its way out really cares what it does to this economy? They have their Saudi friends and now they have their massive military base atop the soil of the third largest oil producing country in the world. This is easy math people. Admit to your self centered simplistic outlook; admit to your apathy and stand tall in your malignant sea of patheticism!

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