Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Drink Up Y'all!

Yup, the outgoing Decider in chief has done it again. Not on a huge scale as usual but he's definitely going to be W until he steps aside. When explaining the credit crunch in the U.S. he said, "It (Wall Street) got drunk and now it's got a hangover." Interesting choice of words seeing as during the pre-Decider days O'l W was quite partial to tippin' a few. Ah, recovering is the term for what I believe he is today. I don't fault the guy for having been a little too fond of the grape and if it is true that a writer should write about what he knows then why shouldn't a Decider in cowboy clothes speak about what he knows. I guess I was just thinking that if a guy is looking to rack up legacy points before he blows this pop stand he might have chosen better words. Words that an actual president would use in front of an audience...perhaps.

When Bush gave this little gem of a speech cameras were not allowed and the press was not invited however some guy recorded it with a camera phone or something. These are the times we live in folks; if you are in the public eye somebody is going to tape/record/video the shit you have to say. There is no privacy and that's just the way this administration has wanted it. And for a later blog I believe Obama came down of the funny side of FISA as well so I'll be looking into that and blasting him too if he needs blasting because this brother (me) is an independent until further notice.

Bush also mentioned that Texas is not feeling any housing crunch for Laura was out trying to but a house in Dallas as he spoke. The crowd apparently laughed at the joke. Joke? Wow, I guess when you're the Criminal in Chief the loyal sycophants will laugh at just about anything you say.Laura has supposedly tired of the Crawford ranch. In other words she's tired of W's tough skin jeans, the eight gallon play cowboy hat and his cowboy boot slippers. So let us hope that as the Decider goes clumsily into that dark night that he does not write his memoirs (in crayon or otherwise), and that he does not open a library, I mean come on seriously; and that he gets back on the sauce, puts his feet up at Laura's new home and quietly awaits the indictments to roll in for I have a sneaking suspicion that when Bush comes a cryin', Cheney won't be a answerin'!

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