Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Journey Of A Tough Guy

My legs started feeling heavy even before I was within twenty yards of the place. I don't claim to be the action hero type or some kind of wacked out thrill seeking dare devil but where I was headed would chill the spine of tougher men than me. I was now officially past the point of no return. 'Come on Sweet Lou' I tell myself 'just keep moving forward'. And that's just what I did. My hand on the door handle I take a deep breath. I enter. Heads turn; not all but most, and look in my direction. It is as though they look right through me. In the somewhat glory days of yesteryear this would be considered a player's playground, a rogue's romping retreat. My present mind clouds as it journeys back. Back to a time when the lovin' was free, drinks did flow and bad dialogue was handed out like a two bit politician's handshake.
I was yanked from my reverie by the tiny voice of a tiny Asian woman behind a tiny counter.

"Can I help you sir?"

I consider bolting from the joint. Call me a coward I don't care. At least I'll live to see another day. Ah, but who am I trying to kid. I've come this far. I've jumped off of it, smashed through it, and barely slid under it. I can do this. I was ready. I was ready because they said I couldn't do it. The kind lady asks me again if she can help me only this time she smiles. She and a handful of other dames all smiling, on the brink of laughter, some already there at the quiet giggling stage. I put air in my chest to gain size not unlike a puffed up pigeon. I clear my throat. Here goes. Put some bass into it Lou.

"Yes, ah I'd like a pedicure please."

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