Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Taxpayers! Lock and Load!

Yesterday I was going to blog about Nancy Pelosi. I was going to beg and plead with her to withold cutting a check to Henry Paulson for the big Wallstreet bailout. I sat here and witnessed her Democratic congress cut check after check to Bush for his wars. Let us remember that we were told by Bush that the Iraq war would be done in under a year. This money was coming from China. We burrowed it. Cash, for treasury bonds. Sometime after Bush is gone we're going to have to pay it back. The Wallstreet fatcats gambled with their funds by taking on bad loans. Small time lenders (one on every corner) marched out as a predatory army and signed up every Tom, Dick and Harriet to home loans. The lenders then went to the big banks and sold the loans to them. (Keep in mind this also occured with car loans). Many people were approved who had no business being approved. If the mass citizenry is ripped off, then society will crumble. It is why there are laws against what is known as; fraud. The investment bankers are now in trouble and they want to be bailed out as soon as possible so they can get back to business as usual. Henry Paulson wants to make this happen, and he's pushing hard. Don't ask him how he arrived at 700 billion and don't question how he spends the check.
Thankfully, the FBI has decided to investigate some AIG cats and other players in this fraudulent play. Paulson probably said, 'doh' like Homer Simpson when he heard the news. John McCain is now attempting to call off the debate with Barack because 'Washington needs him'. This was the guy who used to proudly proclaim that he knew nothing of economics. This move makes McCain appear maverick like. It gets him headlines and it makes him appear as if he is the one who really cares about the crisis and appreciates the gravity of the situation. In other words, he is campaigning. But wait, there is no way that Bush is going to let McCain get all of the spotlight. It is still his oval office dammit! So, tonight The Decider addressed the nation and explained what happened, and urged that we go forward with Paulson's plan...along with a few ammendments seeing as even some conservatives are not digging the bill. Naturally, W. ran it down in such a way that if congress doesn't go along with a comprehensive bill then they will be responsible for tanking the country. Believe me folks this is the exact same speech he gave every time he needed cash from congress: Bin Laden will get away; the Iraqi's need us now more than ever; our men and women in uniform need this money or else. And so on. The way this guy spends money has nothing to do with the concept of conservatism.
As a sidenote, we Americans should know that much of the money that we funneled into the war to 'support our troops' or be labeled unpatriotic, actually went to contractors like Blackwater. A contractor's salary is at least five times that of a woman or man in uniform and they are not beholden by Geneva. (End of sidenote).
Bush then called for a meeting with McCain, Barack, congressional who-ha's and some other guys who no doubt feel that they are the smartest guys in the room, to go over this Paulson bill.
Greed and arrogance put this economy where it is today. Your government wants 700 billion bucks. More greed. And your government wants you to pay for it. This is more arrogance. What are you going to do America?

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