Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bipartisan is a four syllable word!

Can you believe it? Well I sure can. The early rumor news is that congress and the administration are close to a bailout deal. It seems some changes are coming to Paulson's original bill. For example, there will be oversight as to how he spends the check and any decision he makes can be challenged in a court of law. Does this mean we should scream hip hip hooray for the almighty Dems? No! Of course this was never going to stand and the Repubs knew it. The Dems throw it out and they look good to their constituents. And the Repubs still get their bailout bill to pass. Its crap! We are supposed to be excited that this bill is going to be a bipartisan issue? The taxpayer is getting screwed; bipartisanly!Are we to be proud of our elected officials because they sat down together this close to a...dare I say it: weekend!
This crisis was arguably 8,10,12 years in the making. Yet you political/financial geniuses sit down and are able to figure it all out in three days and we're supposed to breathe a sigh of relief? And the best you agree on is that we, the little guy who suffers this bad economy the most, pay up? And let's not forget that two of you smart guys in the room (Bush and McCain) told us as recently as a week ago that the 'fundamentals of the economy are sound'. Sounds to me that you guys are fundamentally detached. What about cutting into some of that CEO bonus money out there? They have multi-millions and we do not. Bipartisan, is fast becoming a word like, malignant or festering or incestuous. Maybe it's time for a third party after all.

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