Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Any Giant Sunday!

Oh yes and what a beautiful Sunday it turned out to be. The nation predicted, nay prognosticated, nay guaranteed us that Tom Brady would lead his Pats to yet another victory. We heard ad nauseam that super bowl Sunday would in fact be "just another game..." for the Pats. Well all you Patriotic Blowhards are going to have to find another topic to blow hard about...oh and uh, try and be accurate this time would ya.
We were blissfully reminded of the beauty of football in that anything can happen on any given Sunday. And this Sunday belonged to the Giants' defense. What a scene, what a scene to witness the Giants awesome front four rumble left, right, center and over the patriots O-line and backs. Brady was rushed, hurried, knocked down and sacked to the point that it was more beautiful than a Botticelli painting. The sound of giant helmet bashing patriot helmet sounded sweeter than a harmony belted out by the Three Tenors on their best day. If you are still cloudy as to where my allegiance lies then let me be crystal clear: I back teams other than that of the cheating Pats. The Pats that were busted twice in one season for spying on other teams in the hopes that they would learn of their plays. Oh, but how the old childhood adage of "cheaters never prosper." rings like a thousand church bells.
From the opening kick off this game was physical to say the least. Helmets and pads crashed; players were slow to get up; and blood, sweat and Patriot tears flowed to the turf floor. This gridiron game was a throwback to the days of their gladiator ancestors. Never before has there been an example of defense winning a game to the point of sheer domination. The deer in the headlights look on Brady's countenance was nothing short of euphoric on a monumental scale. And now we continue on in our daily lives uplifted; a new energy to our outlook; a bounce in our step and a look in our eyes that says, "bring it on world for I am ready for thee!" And until next season we enjoy a life where we hear not of Patriots, Brady's, and perfect seasons. Instead we hear of a perfect defensive Super Bowl Sunday that was Super Bowl XLII!!!

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