Friday, March 21, 2008

Cheney to the rescue?

The man himself has gone to the Middle East to call on the tender mercies of Saudi King Abdullah al-Jenadriya to either lower oil prices or pump out more oil. Now over here in America the oil companies are making record profits and we all know Dick Cheney gets a sweet cut from this. This begs the question; how sincere is this mission of Dick's? Why rock the cash boat that they're livin' large on-what's in it for them? If we the public know that more oil is being pumped will we not revolt and demand lower gas prices? Get serious. We'll whine, we'll complain and idiots like me will blog.
But there is another angle here. Bush is going out a lame duck President which no doubt is killing the decider's ego. If his right hand man (and actual boss) Cheney can swing this in the 11th hour of Bush's departure some of us will say, "wow Bush really came through when it counted." And those folk would need their heads examined. But if Cheney is sincere let's face it, he can 'get-r-done' as Larry the Cable guy would say, because Dick is one bad mutha. Darth Cheney could convince anybody of pretty much anything with the exception of maybe Kim Jong Il. Crazy doesn't fear psychotic, the hand book says so. Until this episode wraps up we can only huddle by our home fires and hope that Dick Cheney, a man that was in favor of continued apartheid in South Africa and the continued imprisonment of Nelson Mandela has our gas guzzling backs. Go Dick Go! Go Dick Go! Wow, I never thought I'd cheer that in this lifetime...or any lifetime! Oh but these are troubled times.

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