Saturday, March 8, 2008

Will Arnett...Great Man-Great Canadian

It's time to look at a comedic actor on the rise. The man of which I speak is none other than Will Arnett. This cat was born in Toronto Ontario back in 1970. Rather than just wax on about how funny this guy is and how we're all going to see more of him on the big screen and on our DVD players I want to first talk of his lineage. His dad...wait for it...his dad was the president and CEO of Molson Canadian Brewing Company. Now some of you might be saying "ah I'm not really into Molson" and to you I say hold thy tongue! Think of coming up in high school. The drinking age is 19 but you're barely 17 and you just wanna rock. "Don't worry lads I know where I can get some beer." Oh man it would be amazing. You'd be like the captain of the football team without having to play. The list of benefits both obvious and not so, stretch a mile long with having a dad running the beer show. But alas, this Toronto boy who literally could have swam in beer and cash walked away from the family business to pursue comedy. I could not have braved this path-well not being funny enough is one reason-but abandoning beer!! Saint Christopher in a beer mug no way! But I am not Will Arnett nor is he I. He moved to the states and made a go of it.
In 1994 he married actress Penelope Anne Miller. It didn't take; in 1995 they divorced. Later he shacked up with actress Missy Yager. Missy had bit parts here and there: NCIS, Las Vegas, 6 feet Under and even did an episode in the thankfully now defunct nauseating Ally Mc-waste my time-Beal. Her 'shacking' with Will lasted four years. In 2000 the funny man met actress Amy Poehler best known for Saturday Night Live. SNL which these days is hit and miss on the funny meter is blessed to have Amy's talent-the broad is funny.They tied the knot in 2003 and are still going strong which is quite a feat in Celebrity-world. Between 2006 and '07 Will was in seven films-most of which none of us saw. However one film did manage to burst from the seven film basement to make the A-list and that was none other than Blades of Glory. He acted along side his wife Amy where the two played brother and sister...a very close, brother and sister. Most people actually know Will from his character George 'Gob' Bluth on Arrested Development which few people watched but those that did said it was a grossly underrated show on which Will was hilarious. My favorite role of my Canadian brother was his character on 30 Rock. Will's character went head to head with Jack Donaghy (Alec Baldwin). Will plays a gay t.v. exec gunning for Jack's job while trying to get cozy with an innocent unsuspecting Page boy. It is hysterical. In fact Will sports a certain bathrobe in a style which is guaranteed to take Canada and the US by storm. All men, gay and straight will be lining up at Macy's and The Bay to cop this look!
You take a Canadian beer heir, throw in a couple of failed relationships one of which was a marriage; toss in some laughs and what do you get? Ladies and gentlemen what you get is Will Arnett- a great man, a great Canadian.

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