Friday, April 18, 2008

Hilly Baby Gone Crazy

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary when you claimed that you were under sniper fire during your visit to Bosnia and it later came out that the opposite was true you told the world-during your presidential bid- that you 'misspoke'. Nobody bought it, not even you. But like everything else in this ADHD nation we forgot about it and moved on. And now you've accused Barack of being elitist. I repeat: You accuse Barack of being elitist. If last time you misspoke then this time you have lied. Oh wait a minute misspeaking is in fact lying. Okay I need to work on that one. Anyway, you not-so young lady went to Wellesley (sp)-elite private school. You were on the board of directors of Wal Mart. Not too common a gig except for perhaps an elite type of gal. You attended Yale. You were a first lady. You were in the position to lend 5 million bucks to yourself. Sorry babe but all that and more put you in the big E category.
Obama's father left when he was young so he was raised by a single mother. When he attended school he was only able to do so with student loan money. I could go on about Barack's struggle but we both know it's not necessary.
Hillary you are stooping so low it is becoming a tad laughable. You are behaving like the potential prom queen who's been stood up by the captain of the football team and your on a crazed revenge kick! This latest ironical misspeaking of yours reminds me of when the Repubs challenged Kerry's war record all while the bufoonish Bush had a paper military record. Look, both sides of the ailse can play dirty politics but the Democrats pride themselves on not playing Republican politics. What the hell would you call this Hilly baby? Should we call you Hillary Clintublican?
My suggestion to you is that you bow out possible, and hope for a somewhat significant cabinet posting and start working WITH Barack because I remind you that he is in fact a Democrat which would put him on the same side as you, or am I misspeaking on that? And while your at it put a gag order on the limelight grabbing blowhard husband of yours cause he isn't helping nobody. (Incidentally 'helping nobody' is non-elitist for 'helping anybody' so don't bother correcting my English). See youze on the back bench Hilly baby!

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