Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Woes of Kings and Princes

Well whadda ya know young Michael, I mean Michael who likes the young, Michael Jackson that is just might lose that Neverland ranch of his. He took out a 23 million dollar loan on it and is more than three months in arrears. (Please no puns here please). Apparently if he doesn't pay up the ranch goes to auction on March 19th in Santa Barbara. The dude bought it in 1987 and named it after the island in Peter Pan where kids never grow up. Oh come on if that ain't a man laying the groundwork for an alibi I don't know what is. "What? I'm just a kid and we're taking a shower together." But in fairness, or rather unfairness he did get acquitted back in 2005. And since then he claims he's never been back there. He was in Dubai for awhile and Vegas too. But what of the ranch and who's going to bid on it? Woody Alan? Does he have that kind of dough? Or R Kelly? Does he have that kind of scratch? O.K. now I'm creeping myself out. Next!!!!!!!!
Prince, the purple guy needs hip replacement surgery. Years of dancing and grinding with Darling Nicki I suppose took it's toll. Ah, let's be honest when you're 5'3'' and you wear platform boots and heels you're bound to screw up your hips and or back. But here's the kicker...or hip part. Rumor has it that his Jehovah Witness religion is not HIP to the blood transfusion gig so Prince may not go through with it. I remember when Michael Jackson first became a JW he tried to boycott his own videos and stuff. So we have the King of Pop and the Prince of Pop both JW's; one needing cash and one needing a new funky hip. Is there irony here? Or is there a conspiracy afoot? Is there more of a hidden connection here?
Hmmm Nah, one's a talented little kinda creepy guy named Prince who needs a hip and the other's a guy who looks more like a princess...a really ugly one, and is well...a pedophile.

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