Friday, April 18, 2008

Calling All Techno-nerds

I got a call or a text rather, recently from a friend of mine. My cell frantically alerted me that I should visit my inbox.Once there I learned that I should race to the internet and once there I should enter a certain code; at that time I will be brought to a message in the form of an email which is in fact addressed to me. Just to wrap up: My phone rings to tell me to go to my inbox which tells me I have a text message which is in fact an email on the internet. My thoughts: ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME? Do you know what this is? It is a technological easter egg hunt. Even as a kid I hated easter egg hunts. Look Ma and Pa either give me the candy or dangle, amscray, drift, take it on the heel and toe, I ain't got time to work for candy. I still hate easter egg hunts even of-no correction, especially of the tech variety. When I was coming up people use to have conversations. When they could not be face to face they used the telephone and spoke into the handset and voila, you knew what the hell it was that they wanted. Alexander Graham Bell must be looking at us and saying, 'you guys are idiots'. And I agree with him.
I never did follow the technological cyber trail. Instead I called my friend a had an actual conversation with her which is where two people talk and figure it all out.
Listen up techno-nerds just because technology is new does not mean it necessarily advances humanity. 70 percent of new tech blows: gets discarded, then gets replaced and costs all of us time and friggin' money. Wait! Hold! Take a moment, think it through and then invent something useful. Now run to your techy bunsen burner and create a home computer that turns tap water into beer!

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