Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Biden v Palin (also)

Sarah Palin did better than everyone expected in the vp debate. The smart advisers in her camp being unhappy with her string of t.v. interviews threw her into a heavyweight debate camp. The idea was to get her ready for Joe Biden and fast. Have you ever crammed for a test? Yeah it sucks; piling in far too much information in a short period of time. But with us we either past or failed the test and then moved on. But this woman is studying for an incredibly serious posting. She's running for vice presidency of the United States. This should not be regarded like some junior high algebra test. The camp did pay off as far as Palin performed much better than her t.v. appearances. However, she was still quite unimpressive. She is beyond her scope, plain and simple. And the simple fact is that the mass majority of this country knows it.
Palin had her notes with answers prepared. A recurring theme with her was when thrown a question that she did not like she meandered around until she answered the question that she had prepared. The other guy, Biden did not do this. He answered questions, he did not condescend, as many expected, and he never rose to her provocations. The result: Biden won the debate. If I was in Palin's camp I'd advise that if she wants to toss out 'dog gonnits' and 'you betcha's' than knock yourself out, its the way she is. However, I would put the kibosh on her affection for the word; also. She used the word more often than she inhaled and exhaled. Dog gonnit it was so annoying and (also) it was so repetitive and (also) superfluous...also! Oh, and you betcha...also.

Wink wink

And now to the winking. I've been rolling around this planet for as long as I can remember. The one thing I know about, especially when glancing back at my single days is; the wink. Men and women wink for three reasons. Number 1. An individual will wink when they want the attention of another individual. In other words, when they are flirting. Number 2. A person winks when they wish to notify the other party (not political) that they are to be let in on the inside joke. Number 3. An individual will (also) wink when they possess a medical problem with the eye in question. Often referred to as a twitch. So what was the sassy governor up to? One, two or three. Let us rule out number three because there was too much playfulness to the eye. Number 2, the inside joke. But with who, all of her supporters? Hmmm maybe. But if so, is the debate the right forum to do this? And what about number one; the flirt. I say you betcha, to borrow a phrase. The media and members on the right have often referred to Palin as, hot. And although I don't comprehend the label, I believe Palin embracese it and tries to use those wares. So let's agree that she was combining the playful, coy flirtatious with the inside party "do you get it?" or "gotcha" joke.

The Bottom Line

Palin is not ready for the job she is applying for. Her handlers who forced her into debate camp know it; the media who regard and interview her know it; Tina Fey and the cast of Saturday night Live know it. We know it, and I promise you that Sarah Palin knows it! She behaves as if this is an MTV reality show that she is starring in. This is reality but it is not a show. And if she is a true American who legitimately loves her country she will step aside. But, up until now she has not because her massive ego and lust for ultimate power prevent her from doing the right thing. It's never to late to do the right thing governor. Dog gonnit why not do us a favor and give it a rest...also

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