Friday, October 17, 2008

Reality Debate TV

Debates: Done! We did it folks, no matter what side you come down on we survived the debates. Many of you had complaints that the debates were boring; that nothing happened. I hate to say it but you are all by products of a reality t.v. based society. That, and a sport fan mob with a gladiator spectator's mentality that thirsts for blood. You all want a victim and a decisive winner. Perhaps the victor paraded away on supporters shoulders while the bloodied loser limps crestfallen from the stage. Wake up folks, that is what movies and television are for. Plenty was said and sometimes, it is what is not said that provides the gem of information. You need to read between the lines, read the body language. Listen to how and if the questions are answered. Let us revisit Sarah Palin. She only answered questions that she had prepared answers for. And there in lies your information about her. Oh yeah, and she winks at the camera so draw your own conclusion from that idiosyncrasy.
During the last debate when Barack took a zinger from McCain he at times would grin. Was it a grin of condescension? Who can say other than Barack? When a McCain attack was thwarted he'd grimace, a miniature amount of steam would exit his ears and then he'd forge on. This language speaks volumes brothers and sisters but you've got to pay attention.

I listened to the right wing pundits all day long leading up to the debate and every one of them to a man, woman and Limbaugh demanded that McCain bring up Acorn and Bill Ayers. They also demanded that he play offense; try and get Barack, the cool customer off of his game. And do you know what? John McCain did what his base wanted him to do. He gave it his level best. Incidentally, when I refer to his base I am not referring to the Kool Aid Kooks who've been attending Palin rallies.

The bottom line here is that you, the disappointed, need to take off your audience name tag and remember that you are citizens for shit sake. Stop being such sensationalist trollops and stop craving entertainment at every turn of the t.v. and tivo dial. (Geez, I guess its not really a dial anymore is it.) This is actual REALITY and it effects you, me, everybody. Now if you'd please excuse me I must urgently finish off my rum and coke before my white wine gets warm causing me to get so pissed off that I forget to put my beers in the fridge...and miss The Real Housewives of Orange County

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