Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Bye Bye Stooperdelegates

As a kid I loved the Bugs Bunny cartoon, in fact I still do. Daffy Duck had a character, a super hero all caped up called Stooperduck. He was a not too bright character that was sort of a blend of Maxwell Smart and Inspector Cluseau. He bumbled and fumbled, flew into walls, got his beak all shot to hell and so on. He is why I have renamed the super delegates in the current democratic primary, stooperdelegates or stooper D's. They are not so big named people who enjoy their somewhat power position a little too much. "Ha while the country observes the primary game I'll hold onto my trump card so that one and all will covet me and mine." Combine this if you will with a little, "Well I'm not gonna vote first, you vote first. Hey let's get Mikey, he'll vote first..." Seriously how can they not know by now who to throw in with, are they stupid?
Or is it genuine fear? "I'm scared of backing the wrong horse. What if it comes in second, breaks it's ankles and they have to put it down?" Well if it is in fact fear ladies and gents of the stooperdelegacy then turn in your stooper-card STAT!
In fact let's drop all of this superfluous 'super' trumped up prefix altogether. There are to be no more supermodels there are just regular models and the over paid model. Even MickeyD's dropped the 'supersize' after Mogan Sperlock's movie Supersize Me. From now on there can only be super chargers in classic American muscle cars and superheros in comic books and that's it Bubba! And until that blissful day when the electoral/primary system is dismantled and then rebuilt-to make sense ie. 1 person; 1 vote on 1 day-delegates will be delegates: those we know and those we do not.
Please, please please people we've just endured 8 years under the Dum Dum in Chief's regime and his weak attempt at world domination alongside the Coalition of the Unfullfilling. We must strive to be clever and in that cleverdom is nary a thread of assininity. In other words clever is never having to say your STOOOOOOPID!

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#masher said...

So, when the hell did we get "sooper-delegates"?!?!
this is the first election I've ever heard of them. I guess because this is the first election with a primary that's this close?
still, it seems to go against the one-person one-vote idea but I guess the Democratic party is free to do whatever they like. They're not bound by the Constitution as to how they hold their internal elections.
Still rubs me the wrong way, though.
America's continuing obsession with making celebrities more important than they really are -- or making celebrities out of nobody.
Everyone gets a trophy...booo.