Friday, May 30, 2008

Celebrity Snooz

A lot going on in celebri-world: Let's look at Brad and ANGELINA JOLIE. Yummy mommy Ang just had twins in France. This now gives what some call the hot couple six kids. The twins now join (Mad Dog) Maddox, (Tea in the) Zahara, (you don't know shit from) Shiloh, and Pax (Americana). Seriusly folks is this really what Brad wanted those few short years ago when he gave Angelina the business on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Maybe it's just me but Brad just seems to follow her around like a lap-Brad. Oh well he's in it now y'all.
He man songstress Clay 'curious' Aiken 29,is going to be a daddy. That's right Clay got down with a 50 year old. Well actually he got down with a test tube (Shocker)and the Doc did the rest. Jaymes Foster, a dame, was Clay's executive producer on some album he recently did. I suppose she was feeling barren, or close to it and asked that Clay step up and donate some swimmers. Jaymes is the sister of music producer/mogul David Foster; hence the 'executive' in her producer title and possibly hence; why Clay was persuaded to part with aforementioned diva seed. $$$.
Some time ago I blogged about how MICHAEL JACKSON stood on the precipice of losing his Neverland ranch. Well as luck would have it as it often does with those with cash-even while being in bankruptcy- the 11th hour did that 11th hour thing it sometimes does. The self proclaimed king of pop cut a confidential deal with the Fortress Investment Group LLC. In short M.J. gets to keep his ranch. The ranch is apparently located in wine country near the area the Sideways movie was filmed. Local residents rumored that at one point soccer dude Beckham was interested in purchasing the ranch. My question is, how much friggin' dough does the friggin' British footballer have? The ranch was estimated to be worth around $24.5 million.

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