Friday, May 9, 2008

RUSH is a Rush

The Rush concert began with a funny yet bizarre skit on the jumbotron. Who knew that Geddy and company were actors as well as one of the greatest bands on earth. The power trio opened up with Limelight, a classic from the Moving Pictures album..that's right I said album and always will bothers and sisters. Geddy (bass player, lead vocalist, keyboard player) struggled on a couple of notes but then smoothed it out for the rest of the show. As I pointed out to the fellow and feline Rush fans we were with, Geddy wrote his parts near the top of his range when he was in his twenties and they are still playing the songs in the original keys. For the record neither Robert Plant, Mick Jagger or Steve Perry of Journey can still hit the notes of yesteryear-they all drop the keys to their classics. The young trio played for three and a half hours with a tiny beer break intermission in the middle. It was totally phenomenal; there was pot in the air, I was high fivin' strangers, beers were only 7 bucks!!! and the music surged like a Canadian prog rock tornado. Add to this the couple we went with even got into a minor squabble as to which one of them was the huger Rush fan. Now that is a friggin' concert!
I remember coming up back in the day listening to Rush and going to their concerts. In a word;Awesome. I use to get so pissed year after year when Canadian bands like Brian 'asshole' Adams and Celine 'dummy' Dion would win all of these Juno awards (U.S. equivalent being a grammy) even though whatever current Rush album was out would outsell the award winner twofold! Rush, they say is an acquired taste and I was and am still happy to defend them against naysayers. Just look at them today. They've stood the test of time since their birth in 1969. If you don't believe me check out their concert in Rio from a few years back. You'd swear you were watching a Beatles concert. Brazilians are screaming and crying and passing out left and right. Rush is world wide people so don't fight it, join em'. Rush rips, Rush rocks, RUSH is still a total RUSH!!
Concert Hall!!!!

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#masher said...

clearly *I* am the bigger RUSH fan! the argument was no contest.
Oh, and Lil' Rush was awesome too!