Sunday, February 24, 2008

Memoirs in Crayon

When we went into Iraq with the coalition of the willing...or coalition of the 'I want my share of the spoils please' a great deal of errors were made on the financial end of things. There were cost overruns, missing monies and all kinds of crap. But not to worry for Halliburton, Bechtel and other contractors got paid. Phew! As an explanation we were told by the Rumsfelds of the administration that 'hey there are knowables and unknowables and its difficult to know which are..." blah,blah,blah. Okay so they played the Oops card. No doubt at the briefings: "Now should anyone challenge our 'duh I don't know where the money went' approach just wrap yourself in the flag and we'll label them traitors and unpatriotic, it'll work like a charm."
When Katrina hit the gulf coast Bush eventually sent in the same Iraq reconstruction contractors. 'Look fellas we've got more business but this time we don't have to travel, plus we didn't have to level the city--the hurricane did it for us. What luck!'The lovable contractors need protection and who better than... ah, what was the name of that deadly military private security contractor loaded with mercenaries who don't have to answer to Geneva called again? Oh yeah BLACKWATER. That's correct y'all- Blackwater was hired by FEMA to protect the contractors from...looters. In Bushdumb-speak looters can translate to 'insurgent' in the blink of an eye. Forget the fact that these are Americans--poor Americans who've just been pulverized by Katrina and incidentally are not a military force. But Bush didn't care: Blackwater needed work and poor, broke and mostly black hurricane victims could turn lethal at any moment. The Iraqis may have hidden their weapons of mass destruction in Louisiana you never know. But wait a second, even Mamma Bush knew that the citizenry was not a threat when she enlightened us to the fact that "they" were better off packed like sardines in a stadium of decrepitude than the life they had before.
And just so we're all clear Bush put FEMA under the umbrella of Homeland Security or...Insecurity as I prefer to call it. Which kind of says 'hey America if you need rescuin' any time soon we're bringing deadly force along with us." It kinda puts a damper on the old camping trip idea. Let us also not forget that Blackwater has had more than a few dust ups with our own U.S. military over in Iraq and they've rarely been made to face the music. I guess that's why they call it friendly fire. And keep in mind that Blackwater is one of many, many, many private contractors over there in Iraq. The military contractor makes dozens of times the $$$ what a U.S. soldier makes and he operates with relative impunity. And this is who our fearless leader has hired..but we the tax payer are paying, to guard our own brothers and sisters.
If any of Bush's staffers who do his reading for him happen upon this blog entry please tell him this: Bush Jr. you are a Tyrant! And we all know it! You attacked a nation that did not threaten the United States, You have sanctioned torture, you have thrown hurricane victims to the wolves, you have freed all peoples with the name Bin laden the minute the towers came down when Osama bin Laden was suspect #1 and so on and so on. Take a moment before you write your memoirs in Crayon, ye of phony religiosity and pretend cowboy-hood and look in the mirror and realize that it is YOU that have always been the biggest threat to national security! And when you meet your maker which you so claim to believe in, you are headed for a world of serious hurt bub! Now watch this drive!

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