Thursday, February 7, 2008

Poetry Blowz...except this poem

Cheese and crackers and cupcakes too what happened to jolly old Mit
All that cash and no panache he just done up and quit
Or is it all good, all good in the hood 'cause McCain's gonna drive that train.
Or is it true what Rush doth say-that McCain is quite insane?
Hilary, she's hip and all but she's not the one for me
Husband Bill what's up with you? and all the tomfoolery?
Edwards seemed like a decent guy but now he's outta the pool
He ain't endorsin' me or you but hey man ah that's cool
It's a hell of a race, it's a hell of a chase but not for Guilliani
And Huckabee who's out of his tree ain't got nothin' to do with me
I'll load many beers on high, high pallets
while you go out and count the ballots
And when the smoke clears, I'll have celebratory beers when the President is Barack Obama

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