Thursday, February 7, 2008

More Telemarketer Jazz

Here is another couple of calls I received in the lovely world of telemarketry. I'll play the part of Sweet Lou and the telemarketers will be TM:

SL: Hello
TM: Good evening who am I speaking to please?
SL: Do you mean to tell me you sat down and dialed my number with an area code and everything and you have to ask me who you called? Baby you're not off to a good start.

And that was it she hung up on me, as if I annoyed her.
Call #2

SL: Hello?
TM: Hi is SL there please.
SL: Oh yeah sure hang on a minute please.

I then put the phone down for 15 seconds.
SL: Hi I'm sorry who are you holding for?
SL: Oh yeah sure I just saw him, hang on

Another 15 seconds
SL: Sorry about that who can I say is calling?
TM: It's TM insurance
SL: Oh he was talking about that today, hang on I'll get him.

Another 15 seconds
SL: Hi this is SL who's calling?
(I could tell he knew something was up because I didn't alter my voice at all)

TM: I'm calling on behalf of TM insurance and-
SL: Oh no thanks dude I'm totally not interested in that, and I'm shocked you called.

Call #3

SL: Hello?
TM: Hi I'm Bob with TM insurance do you currently have life insurance?
SL: Bob you say with TM insurance?
TM: That's right
SL: How can I be sure? I've been scammed before ya know
TM: Sir I assure you that this is not a scam
SL: Dude I don't know. What city are you calling from?
TM: I can't give you that information sir, sorry
SL: How about your last name
TM: Sorry I can't--"
SL: Ya see, how can I know for sure that--"
TM: Sir, you'll find that our procedures are the same as any other company
SL: That's what the last telemarketing guy said and it was a scam
TM: Sir I can assure you that we are a legitimate company
SL: Okay I'll chance it, what are you selling today
TM: Well sir I was wondering if you have a life insurance policy?
SL: Oh yeah sure, and I've got a sweet deal to, but thanks for calling pal

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