Monday, February 11, 2008

Oh Canada!

I remember making a vow many years ago that when the price of a beer hit 5 bucks in the bars I was gettin' out o' Dodge. Well 5 bucks came and went and I was still in Canada. After that it was the gray ceiling and relentless rain that coupled with the beer infringement put me over the edge. Alas I wound up in California. Life has been good. No complaints. And then out of nowhere Canada went and did something that made me very proud. No it was not the country's decision not to go to Iraq. Although that was cool and commendable it was something much bigger. A small group of Canadians created a television show. I'm referring to none other than: The Trailer Park Boys. This is one of the best shows to ever hit the tube period. The show is the brain child of Mike Clattenburg. He's the director, producer and head writer of the show. The man is a fricken genius. I purchase nothing online ever...with the exception of seasons one through six of TPB's. The show is in it's seventh season now and the scuttlebutt is that it's still bringin' the big laughs.
The three main bumbling characters are Ricky, Julian and (my favorite) Bubbles. Everybody has known guys like these or at least met them. You probably blew them off as idiots but if you watch this show you'll regret having not made these guys your buddies. Or actually you may have been an idiot like them either way the show is a must see. There are life lessons, drama, lots of laughs and of course the ridiculous. Oh and I almost forgot there is a healthy dose of slapstick. And you simply can't buy slapstick these days. Then you toss in a bit of the creepy and voila; amazing television.
The Trailer Park Boys is gospel and although I'm not moving back there as a result of the show please know that I'm damn proud to have lived on the same soil that comedic genius of this magnitude was born on and continues to live on. All hail TPB's.

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